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Packaging of iron sulfate
Iron sulfate produced by the company is supplied in packages of 1 and 25 kg. Safety tips when using iron
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Magnesium is one of the elements forming chlorophyll, so that there is a magnesium atom in each chlorophyll molecule and
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Characteristics of iron sulfate
There are seven molecules of water in the crystalline iron sulfate compound. Given the environment in which the compound is
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Zinc hydroxide
CAS-NO: ‎20427-58-1 Molecular Wight: 99.424 g/mol Zinc hydroxide is a white powder. Its solubility in water is very low and dissolves
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Zinc oxalate dehydrate
CAS-NO: ‎ 547-62-2 Molecular Wight: 189.44 g/mol Zinc oxalate dehydrate is a white salt with a weak solubility in water.
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Zinc Laurate
C24H46O4Zn CAS-NO: ‎2452-01-9 Molecular Wight: 464.008 g/mol The soap is composed of coconut oil and zinc sulfate. In painting as
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