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Magnesium is one of the elements forming chlorophyll, so that there is a magnesium atom in each chlorophyll molecule and
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Magnesium sulfate fertilizer
Magnesium sulfate fertilizer produced by Dezpart Gohar Kimia Sepehr Co. is one of the most widely used sources of magnesium
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Zinc transfer in the plant
Zinc transfer in the plant: In plants, zinc is transferred from root to stem and leaf by xylems. Zinc transfer
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Characteristics of iron sulfate
There are seven molecules of water in the crystalline iron sulfate compound. Given the environment in which the compound is
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Zinc oxide, in bulk and nano
CAS-NO:1314-13-2 Molecular Wight: 81.38 g/mol It is a white solid powder. Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide and is almost
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Iron in plants
Iron is vital in the synthesis of carbohydrates, as well as in the formation and survival of chlorophyll molecules. Iron-deficiency
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