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Zinc oxalate dehydrate
CAS-NO: ‎ 547-62-2 Molecular Wight: 189.44 g/mol Zinc oxalate dehydrate is a white salt with a weak solubility in water.
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Zinc carbonate
                   Zincspar, naturalsmithsonite , zincmonocarbonate,  Zinc hydroxide carbonate CAS-NO: 3486-33-9 Molecular Wight: 125.40 g/mol Zinc carbonate is in form of
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Magnesium is one of the elements forming chlorophyll, so that there is a magnesium atom in each chlorophyll molecule and
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Characteristics of iron sulfate
There are seven molecules of water in the crystalline iron sulfate compound. Given the environment in which the compound is
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Zinc transfer in the plant
Zinc transfer in the plant: In plants, zinc is transferred from root to stem and leaf by xylems. Zinc transfer
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What is zinc sulfate?
Zinc is a vital element for the plant, albeit in small size. This metal causes physiological activities in plants which
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