Year: 2019

ZnS · BaSO4 CAS-NO: ‎ 1345-05-7 Molecular Wight: 330.80g/mol It is a mixture of barium sulfide and zinc sulfide and

C24H46O4Zn CAS-NO: ‎2452-01-9 Molecular Wight: 464.008 g/mol The soap is composed of coconut oil and zinc sulfate. In painting as

CAS-NO: ‎ 547-62-2 Molecular Wight: 189.44 g/mol Zinc oxalate dehydrate is a white salt with a weak solubility in water.

Magnesium sulfate fertilizer produced by Dezpart Gohar Kimia Sepehr Co. is one of the most widely used sources of magnesium

CAS-NO: ‎20427-58-1 Molecular Wight: 99.424 g/mol Zinc hydroxide is a white powder. Its solubility in water is very low and dissolves

Iron sulfate is utilized in agricultural land and gardens in the form of hole fertilizing, strips, and localized, with deep

Zinc deficiency in agriculture: It is very easy to identify zinc deficiency in the soil under cultivation. Usually, the examination

CAS-NO: 10139-47-6 Molecular Wight: 319.22 g/mol Zinc iodide is a white powder which is highly hydroscopic (absorption of water from