Zinc carbonate

                   Zincspar, naturalsmithsonite , zincmonocarbonate,  Zinc hydroxide carbonate

CAS-NO: 3486-33-9

Molecular Wight: 125.40 g/mol

Zinc carbonate is in form of a crystalline solid or white powder. Itis dissolved in dilute acids, alkali acids, and ammonium salt solution. In addition, this salt is insoluble in water, ammonia, pyridine, alcohol, and acetone.

Zinc sulfate is produced by the reaction of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in hot water with salt. The product is filter cake and has a dough state. Zinc carbonate has many uses as follows:

Na2CO3 (aq)  +  ZnSO4 (aq)          ==>            ZnCO3 (s)  + Na2SO4 (aq)                       

  1. Ceramics
  2. Fireproof fillers for elastic and plastic compounds being exposed to high temperatures.
  3. Production of accessories and jewelry
  4. Pharmaceutical industries
  5. Local anesthetics
  6. Cosmetics and lotions
  7. As an aid material in the fabric painting
  8. Poultry feed
  9. One of the elements of drilling fluids as H2S gas absorber

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