Characteristics of iron sulfate

There are seven molecules of water in the crystalline iron sulfate compound. Given the environment in which the compound is located, the water of crystallization of these molecules decreases through gaining heat and with time, and the color of the crystals becomes white

Appearance: Iron (II) sulfate and Iron (III) sulfate are in the form of green crystals and yellow to brown crystals, respectively.

Solubility in water: Completely soluble in water.

Applications of iron sulfate

  1. Iron sulfate fertilizers are used in agriculture to compensate for iron-deficiency.
  2. As a micronutrient in agriculture: The outcomes of iron-deficiency can be observed in crops produced in most regions of Iran. Crop producers can also exploit iron sulfate fertilizer with sulfur and Thiobacillus bacteria to improve plant nutritional conditions. In the long time, it can overcome the iron-deficiency problem.
  3. Is used as a source of iron in the production of various chemical fertilizers.
  4. Is used to produce iron oxide pigments. In hydro-metallurgy, zinc ingot is employed for precipitation with halogens such as chlorine and fluorine.
  5. Is used in textile industry.
  6. Is used as a catalyst in various industries.
  7. Is used in water treatment to improve the water and sewage conditions.
  8. Is used in leather and tanning industries.
  9. Iron sulfate is also used as a food additive and food and flour supplementation for iron enrichment.
  10. Iron sulfate is also used in cast iron[3] casting industry.
  11. It is also used in photography.