ZnS · BaSO4
CAS-NO: ‎ 1345-05-7

Molecular Wight: 330.80g/mol

It is a mixture of barium sulfide and zinc sulfide and the proportion of zinc sulfide is 30-60%. In this reaction, the non-ionic surfactants are used as the catalysts like fatty acids, Alkanolamines, natural oil monoglycerides and Polysorbates.  In order to increase the stability of lipoton, we add 0.2 to 0.5% cobalt salts. Ph should t be less than 7 and the temperature is adjusted.

BaSO4  +  4C       =>          BaS  +  4CO
ZnSO4  +  BaS        =>        ZnS.BaSO4
  • Tire industry
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Production of wallpaper
  • The best alternative to titanium dioxide

It is a white micronized and hydrophobic powder.

It is produced from the reaction of sodium stearate on zinc sulfate solution.

It is produced from the reaction of Zinc sulfate and Sodium oxalate or Oxalic acid.