Magnesium sulfate fertilizer

Magnesium sulfate fertilizer produced by Dezpart Gohar Kimia Sepehr Co. is one of the most widely used sources of magnesium used in garden and agricultural crop production. The crystalline magnesium sulfate produced by this company is fully dissolved in water and in addition to soil cultivation, can be used for various irrigation and hydroponic systems.

This fertilizer can be added to the soil before planting in combination with other fertilizers required by the plant, allowing the seed to germinate sooner, in addition to increasing the protein content of the crop. The time of use of this fertilizer is the late year in gardens and before planting in the agricultural crops. Due to the presence of sulfate ion in its structure, this fertilizer, also makes sulfur available to the plant in addition to magnesium, and meets the plant’s need to this important element to some extent. Magnesium sulfate fertilizer is more commonly used in the high-precipitation areas.

Applications of magnesium sulfate include trees such as kiwi, citrus, pistachio, grapes, apple, and crops such as rice, legumes, irrigated wheat, and oilseeds such as walnuts, almonds, olive, and especially sunflowers, and cotton, and vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes.

Magnesium sulfate fertilizer also prevents the grapes cluster from rotting and increases the number of grapes in each cluster.

It is strongly recommended to use any kind of fertilizer based on the soil test result, and only after consultation with the experts.

Magnesium sulfate, besides being used as a micronutrient in agriculture, is also exploited in industries such as the alcohol and yeast industry, oil well drilling industry, pharmacy, and significantly in bird and livestock feed.