Iron Sulfate Uses

Iron sulfate is utilized in agricultural land and gardens in the form of hole fertilizing, strips, and localized, with deep placement in the form of solution spray. This fertilizer is also used in light soils with irrigation water.

Solution spraying: is used for plants with a ratio of 3 to 5 per thousand for fruit trees and 3 to 4 per thousand for products.

Trees: is used in winter in the middle part of the shadowing part with sulfur and animal manure, in the form of manure pit or manure hole, as 0.5-1 kg for each fertile tree.

Agricultural plants: is used when preparing the seedbeds with other winter fertilizers, as 100 to 200 kg per hectare under the soil.

It should be noted that the use of iron sulfate as a source of iron required by plants as every other year to every other 2 years, prevents the lack of this element

In order to enhance the efficiency of iron sulfate fertilizer, it is recommended to use this fertilizer with animal manure in a mixture form, especially in the root activity zone of the plant.

It is recommended to use any kind of fertilizer based on the soil test result, and only after consultation with the experts and engineers of the Agricultural Jihad Organization of your area.

Iron sulfate is not recommended to be used in early fruit formation and flowering period as solution spray.