Zinc oxide, in bulk and nano


Molecular Wight: 81.38 g/mol

It is a white solid powder.

Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide and is almost insoluble in water. However, it dissolves in acidic and alkaline solutions. By adding sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate to the zinc sulfate solution, first Zinc hydroxide is formed and then zinc oxide is produced at a temperature of about 1000 degrees.

ZnSO4  +  2OH       =>             Zn(OH)2  +  S

ZnSO4  +  CO32-         =>          ZnCO3  +  S

ZnCO3  or   Zn(OH)2     =>       ZnO   +  H2O or CO2

  1. Production of anti-abrasion and durable tires
  2. Production of medicines
  3. Treatment of a variety of skin diseases due to dermatitis, itching due to eczema, rash, and acne
  4. Detergents
  5. Industrial water and wastewater treatment
  6. Air purifier
  7. Light catalytic colors which are stable in atmospheric conditions
  8. Protective clothing against ultraviolet radiation
  9. Ultraviolet sensor
  10. Solar cells
  11. Self-cleaning glasses and surfaces as well as anti-fog and anti-fog mirrors of vehicles
  12. Destruction of microorganisms in the production of ceramic tiles of public places