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Dezpart Gowhar Kimiya Sepehr, known as DEZPART in Iran, is manufacturer of chemicals and micronutrient fertilizers. Dezpart has done a successful export business with Middle Eastern, East European companies.

We invite you to visit manufacturing sites.

We will gladly host you and show you different parts of manufacturing sites. Such meetings, we believe, are great opportunities to know each other better and to share ideas. Based on your preferences, virtual visits and meetings are possible for us. Please do not hesitate to leave us a message for scheduling meetings.

What is Reliability policy of DEZPART and why DEZPART is reliable?

We believe that, before offering any goods, seller should obtain buy’s trust, especially in international trading. Buyer has the right of assuring that supplier will undertake completely his responsibilities in any purchases, even after numerous trades occurred. Based on the reliability policy of Dezpart, for any international offer, we will gladly host your representative in manufacturing site and provide laboratory facilities such as atomic absorption besides sufficient access to the internet. Your representative will have complete authority to monitor manufacturing process and to perform quality control on final product by its own.

Pay only after cargo is confirmed:

Before the whole product you planned to purchase was tested directly by your representative, we would not ask you to make any payments. Packaging and loading, moreover, will take place by presence of your representative.

It is worth to mention that

In case of any trades, we are able to sign a detailed contract constituting all of our responsibilities, in chamber of commerce or embassy.

Residency costs, for your representator will be on us and in case of purchasing more than a determined quantity traveling costs will be paid by Dezpart.

Furthermore, it is possible for us to trade by various currencies for your convenience. Please let us know if you prefer to work with your own country currency or any other.

Dezpart is planning to extend international markets and provides special offers to obtain foreign buyers’ trust and interest.

We always will be glad to receive any message or inquiry from you.

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