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Aiming to attract international markets to DEZPART products, special bonuses are offered to buyers outside of Iran. We invite you to read the “Foreign sales contract draft” for more information about these bonuses. In order for providing a proper price, knowing details such as requested tonnage, shipping terms and packaging type is essential. We appreciate your cooperation in advance. In case you were unsure about completing a certain section, or needed more information about different options; leave the field blank, and our colleagues in marketing department will contact you to explain the terms for you.

This email will be used for future communications with you.

Please enter the number with the country’s code.

If you are ordering the product for a third destination, please enter your current address where we can contact you here.

Did you know, that in case you purchase more than “One hundred tons”, the DEZPART company will pay for all your representative’s travel and accommodation costs?

Please enter the name of the product in your interest

– The minimum requested tonnage for each product is “13” tones.
– The tonnage purchased, affects the price.
– For more convenience, you may enter the tonnage range in your interest, and our colleagues will provide you the price range for the tonnage range.

– All products are packed in standard packaging with sturdy doors, and are stored and kept away from destructive environmental factors (such as direct light and moisture).
– Packaging type affects the price.
– You can leave this field blank and our colleagues in marketing unit will contact you and inform you on prices and different packaging terms.
– Using pallets will affect the price. You can leave this field empty, and our colleagues in the marketing unit will contact to guide you on this matter.

Did you know, that DEZPART has seen into accommodation conditions on the factory site during the stay, in order to improve your agent’s supervision on product production and shipping processes?

City or port where the cargo is delivered to the buyer’s representative.

Did you know, that your agent can use all the features available in the laboratory, while supervising production?
DEZPART Company is ready to cooperate with any international inspection companies for conducting any forms of product inspections before shipping.